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Lillis Photography is a fine art, portrait, and event photography business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and is based in Manassas, Virginia, serving the greater Prince William County area. Lillis Photography provides family portraiture, head shots for businesses, animal portraiture, to include horses, horses and riders, portraiture for high school seniors, engagements, event coverage of all kinds, and photography for food, real estate, and products for web sites and publications. Lillis Photography sells over 6,000 images through Getty Images and as stock photography used worldwide, through art consultants where her work is sold to the hotels, banks, shopping malls, and hospitals, and exhibits in galleries in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area, including Richmond, VA.

My fine art images have a mission: to capture both the rare and the everyday scenes and to present them in an unusual way. In addition to architectural and landscape images, my more recent emphasis is on urban street photography. I find that even more important than conveying a sense of place through what meets the eye, is the real depth of culture and emotion that can only be conveyed by showing through my images, what it feels like to actually live in a certain place. This is best done by capturing street scenes of the people who live in any one place. For me, this is the true lure of photography.