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Lillis Photography Fine Art and Photographic Services in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia

Have Camera. Will Travel. 

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Fine art is my first passion, and I strive to create images that work well in a broad spectrum of wall décor.  I travel frequently to Europe and various parts in the United States, and many of the galleries feature vibrant, artistic scenes from these destinations. I accept photographic commissions on request. My images appear in publications and collections worldwide and I exhibit in art galleries throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area and in Richmond, VA. I print on multiple archival papers, and a variety of other substrates including canvas, or aluminum. My work includes landscapes, still life, stock images, limited edition prints, posters, commissioned art, restaurant décor, office décor, and some abstract art.  I sell my work as corporate art and art for the hospitality industry, the healing environments of healthcare organizations, interior designers, restaurants, and residential collectors.

I don't just take photographs.  I use a variety of technology available to me to enhance my images in the post-editing process.  I use layers of textures and special effects available today through digital software to create moods and emotions in my photos.  I push the reality of the image to give it a more ethereal quality, sometimes dreamlike, in order to evoke feelings and emotions that register individually for each viewer.  This post processing and creative process that I go through, tailored for each image, is what distinguishes my work along with vibrant colors and unique perspective. I recently focus on street photography capturing the people in the places I visit.  More important to me than photographing the actual place, is the concept of photographing the people that live in that place.  This is the true lure of photography. I seek to capture the people in the streets in order to isolate a moment in time that will never happen again.  Through these images of people, I find a way to understand the emotions of others and the human condition. 

In addition to all of the above forms of photography, I also provide many photographic services to the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. 

Gallery Representation: 


The Art League

Torpedo Factory

105 Union Street

Alexandria, VA



Chasen Galleries

3554 W. Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23221


Lillis has many photographic prints on canvas in large sizes in limited editions, exclusive to Chasen Gallery.


Gift Shop Representation:

Smithsonian Affiliate Museum: NCSML (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa



Lillis Photography Services

Event Photography

In addition to making fine art photography, I am also an event photographer and have been independently photographing events for the American Friends of the Czech Republic for six years, covering gala dinners and political events in both the United States and Europe, often photographing world leaders. I also provide photography, on occasion, to the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC, and for private parties in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As I work at large or small events, I blend into the party capturing the highlights of the event, shots of guests, both candid and posed, and the ambiance and energy of the event while being respectful of the guests and their experience. Please keep me in mind for all sorts of parties, including corporate events, gala dinners, birthdays, engagements, retirements, children's parties, PR events, political events and more.

Engagement Photography

It’s officially called engagement photography, but essentially it’s just a chance for a professional photographer to get to know the couple well enough to capture the way they feel about one another in a variety of different images taken over the course of a morning or an afternoon.  These sessions can be quite simple or as elaborate as you want, so by the end of the shoot, you will remember the day you took engagement photos, and more importantly, the day you had an exciting date with a photographer tagging along.  These beautiful photographs can be used to create Save the Date postcards, announcements on websites, engagement party invitations, framed images, and used as accessories to wedding day décor.  It is my objective to come up with creative and joyful ways to take these images that express your feelings for one another.

Family Portraits

A family portrait is one of the most important things you can have in your home. While your life changes around you, it's so nice to create a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your lives.  A family portrait can consist of just one person, two people, parents and children, children only, or an extended family portrait with lots of family members including pets.  Even your closest friends can be considered family.  Now is the best time to take a family portrait and portraits can often be incorporated into holidays and reunions.  As families change frequently, it is good to have portraits taken every couple of years.  A wonderful place for creating a family portrait can be your own home.  Many beautiful family portraits can also be made outdoors.  I will travel to you to find that perfect location for your family portrait.

Pet Portraits

Animals are all unique, and I love to capture these individual qualities with my lens. I specialize in dogs, cats and horses, and usually prefer to photograph the animal in its own environment. I will travel to your home, office or stable for the image you are seeking. My goal is to capture the animal's inner soul and bring it through the lens to you.

Senior Portraits

Seniors are a unique group and they are ready for a new path in life.  They are joyful and entering an unchartered stage of growth. I find particular enjoyment from staging senior photos in a variety of different environments.  I shoot in a location that is mutually agreed upon and conducive to good lighting and interesting backgrounds. I capture expressions, emotions, and the inner spirit of the person. From the portrait session, can come portraits, greeting cards, post cards, invitations, family gifts or photo books. These images can be some of the most important photographs ever taken.  I will make these images flattering, fun, and memorable.     

Real Estate Photography

Lillis Photography provides the highest quality real estate photography on the market.  I provide interior and exterior photography for your real estate listings and return your edited photos to you, in most situations, on the same day.

I work with a variety of realtors in the Northern Virginia area to provide high-quality images of interiors and exteriors of homes to help expedite sales in the area. Many buyers today shop online first before ever making it out their own door, circumventing the actual visit to a home before they discern the aesthetic value through photos on the internet. My images encourage prospective buyers to explore the homes in person, ultimately increasing sales. The realtors I work for have made marked sales increases using my images in their marketing arsenal. I generally turn the images around and back to the Realtor in a 24 hour time frame, catering to tight deadlines and customer needs. My images are then used for printed brochures for open houses and distribution.  Realtor head shots are also provided for business cards, real estate brochures and other publications. 

Web Site Photography

I provide stock photography for web sites and take photographs of products, food, workers in action, office buildings, and any other items that you want to emphasize in your company web site, or social media page.  I can photograph artwork for other artists to feature on web sites, and will come to your location to do this.  I provide head shots of employees for framed tributes for staff.  Please keep me in mind for all photography used to promote your business for any web site or publication.

Estate Sales and Auctions Photography of Antiques and All Household Items 

I provide photography for estate sales and auctions of all household items including antique furniture, china, artwork, crystal, silver, oriental rugs, tools, etc for web or print.

Online Stores

Don't forget my online stores of smaller, more budget friendly options of poster style prints that are produced in the following online shops and images available for purchase as stock photography.  Just click on these links: