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Created 5-Jul-18
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Historic Scenes from Savanah, Georgia including historic homes, cemeteries, fountains, squares, vintage cars, and people.
Forsyth FountainCarriage 1Carriage 2Carriage 3Carriage 4Carriage 5Carriage Horse RoosterCarriage 6Carriage 7Carriage 8Cotton Exchange BuildingCotton Exchange Building Lion 1Cotton Exchange Building Lion 2Shady StreetClassic Car 3Davenport House 1Davenport House 2Ferry BoatFerry Boat 2Ferry 3

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Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:america, architecture, bonaventure cemetery, cemetery, classic, classic cars, davenport house, flowers, fountains, gardens, georgia, historic, homes, houses, keyhoe house, laurel grove cemetery, mercer house, savannah, squares, stone angels, streets, suummer, tombs, traditional